Downtown Gift Cards Program FAQ
FVMS - Downtown Fredericksburg Gift Card FAQ
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Questions & Answers to the Downtown Gift Cards Program

Why did Fredericksburg VA Main Street decide to switch to an internal gift card program?

There are several reasons. The main reason results from having to deactivate the cards to switch lenders and dropped the Downtown Association program in 2015. We found this to be a major inconvenience to us and our receivers of the cards. Coupled this along with the difficulty with the restaurants in using the cards, Main Street made the decision to bring the program in house. The means there will be no credit card fees to the business and 100% of the card value can be used at the restaurants.


How are the Downtown Gift Cards different from the ones purchased at a grocery store or a bank?

These do not act as a credit card. They are redeemed like cash AND are only accepted as participating Downtown businesses. They do not have a magnetic strip and cannot be “read” by a credit card reader.


What denominations are available? Where can one buy them? When do the gift cards expired?

Downtown Gift cards will be available on $5, $10, $20. They can always be packaged together to give the recipient a higher dollar value for giving. They are available for sale at the Visitor Center (706 Caroline St.), Libertytown Arts Workshop (916 Liberty St.) and on line at There is a $6.50 shipping fee for on line purchases. They ship between 1 and 2 business days. Gift cards expire one year from date of purchase.


Where can is a list of businesses that accept the Downtown Gift Card?  Go to Check back often, businesses are being added every month.


What if there isn’t an expiration sticker on the back of the card?

Please contact the Fredericksburg Main Street office at 540-538-7445 or


May I redeemed the gift card for cash or get a refund on my gift card purchase?

No, even though cash change is given when the card is used for a purchase, gift cards are not redeemable for cash or refundable.


How long does it take for the businesses to redeem the gift cards with Main Street?

It may take as long as 24 hours during the week days and 48 hours during the weekends. Please have all on your cards bundled together with the total dollar amount and the business name. You may call or text  for a pick up 540-538-7445 or drop off the cards in an envelope to 904 Princess Anne Street, suite 303.


What do I do if someone presents an old gift card with magnetic strip (Experience Fredericksburg) for purchase at my business?

As the business owner, you have 2 options.

  • Accept the card as cash for the remainder balance on the card. You must verify the outstanding balance on the card. See below question on how to verify the balance. Write the outstanding amount on the old gift card. Give cash, if necessary. You will be reimbursed the balance of the card by Main Street as per directions.
  • Send the individual to the Visitor Center and/or LibertyTown. Both places can exchange the old gift card with a check or give them new gift card(s) for the full outstanding balances.


How do I find out the balance of an Experience Fredericksburg card?

You can download the current list of card balances here. Main Street, The Visitor Center and LibertyTown have access to all the balances on the cards.  You may also call the customer service number 1-844-234-9661 on the back of the card, connect with an agent and ask for a balance of the card when the account was closed.