Fredericksburg Virginia Main Street
FVMS - Fredericksburg Virginia Main Street, Inc. Help us in our mission to make downtown more vibrant, exciting and successful.
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Fredericksburg Main Street

About Us


The Main Street program originated with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is a 501c3, non-profit organization with the mission to preserve the historic identity of downtown while promoting a modern presence. We’re committed to enriching the community both culturally and economically by creating productive partnerships with key downtown stakeholders, revitalizing the traditional downtown appearance and fostering community pride in our residents, business owners and property owners.

The Main Street Four Point Approach



FVMS works to enhance the city’s appearance with aesthetic improvements throughout the year. We continue to expand our efforts to improve the quality of life and city planning initiatives. We strive to create a cohesive and attractive community for visitors, residents, business owners and property owners.



FVMS takes an active and vested interest in promoting downtown events, businesses, and the people who make those things possible. We continue to advocate downtown Fredericksburg as a dynamic and engaging place to live, visit and work — in addition to being a charming small town with historic significance.



The success of downtown Fredericksburg hinges on its economic viability, which means maintaining a diverse mix of small businesses, residential options and public services. We aim to ensure this success by offering current business owners resources to grow their businesses, attracting new businesses that complement our city’s character and developing programs that fosters smart growth.



We’re committed to building partnerships between downtown stakeholders, residents and leaders in our community to further advance the shared goals of downtown Fredericksburg’s current and future success. We also ensure that FVMS is a beneficial and expanding non-profit organization.


The program has been adopted in 44 states and more than 2,200 communities across the country. We’re proud that, through the efforts of a group of local volunteers, Fredericksburg was selected in June 2013 to become a part of the organization; this qualified us for a 3 year package of training and technical assistance. FVMS is affiliated with the Virginia Main Street Center which assists Virginia communities in developing their own self-help revitalization programs.

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About FVMS

About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission