Fredericksburg Virginia Main Street, Inc. – Honor the battlefields and Memorials of Historic Downtown Fredericksburg.
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Battlefields + Memorials

Our downtown district and its surrounding areas saw incredible heroism, patriotism, loss and bravery from the Civil War battles fought nearby. Not only do some of the most historic Civil War battlefields surround our city — Wilderness, Chancellorsville, Chatham, Fredericksburg Battlefield, to name a few — Fredericksburg is also the first urban area to see Civil War battle. Many of the houses, churches and public buildings still standing from the era bear solider graffiti, bullet pock marks and in some cases, even cannonballs!


Fredericksburg was also an epicenter of activity for American freedom during the American Revolution, as revolutionaries manufactured munitions here and many prominent Fredericksburg families donated money and men to the cause. And speaking of prominent families, George Washington and his family called Fredericksburg home. Washington bought his mother a home on Charles Street in 1772 and what is now Kenmore Plantation was once Washington’s sister’s home. The Hugh Mercer Apothecary shop on Caroline Street was originally the medical practice of the Washington family doctor. Of course, these historic sites are now all open to the public for you to experience.

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