Power of 100+
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The Power of 100+ – We Need You!

Fredericksburg VA Main Street launches a fundraising campaign for Downtown’s Streetscape Project

It started with an idea. Fredericksburg resident, Holly Clark approached Fredericksburg VA Main Street with a question “How do we get more bikes racks Downtown?”

An avid bike enthusiast, Holly is the perfect champion to lead this effort. On most days, Holly, and her family bike Downtown to their favorite shops and restaurants. Their challenge….no place to park their bikes!

We knew there was a solution and so the work began.  We started with conversations with the Fredericksburg VA Main Street’s Design Chair, Anna Mitsis-Mozena, and her committee and spoke with leaders within the City. Thanks to the immediate support of the City’s Department of Public Works to “in-kind” donation of the installation of the bike racks and benches, we knew we were on the right path.

And the idea grew. The VA Main Street’s Downtown Investment Grant has a maximum award of $25,000, with a 2 to 1 financial match component. We decided to “go big” and add additional items including more benches, planters, and trash cans. All total, we wrote the grant to include 20 bike racks, 1 bike corral, 2 bike shelters, 4 benches, 4 planters, and 4 trash cans.

And we WON!  In August, the Governor announced that we won the full grant award of $25,000! Now the hard work begins…  To satisfy the grant requirements we must raise a match.  This is where you come in.

  “Main Street communities across the Commonwealth have been greatly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and these grants will provide critical assistance to help small businesses stay afloat and advance Virginia’s economic recovery,” Northam said in a statement.

“Encouraging private investment and economic growth is the key to building vibrant communities across the Commonwealth during this pandemic and beyond,” Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade Brian Ball said.

Go To Campaign

The Power of 100+! We need you now! Imagine what 100 people investing in their downtown at $100 each can accomplish – $10,000. Imagine what 1000 people supporting Downtown at $100 apiece can achieve? If you have a love for Downtown, ever wanted a place to sit as you stroll downtown, or desired more bike racks, you can make it happen from October 1st to October 16th.

Fredericksburg VA Main Street needs to raise thirteen thousand dollars to make the bike racks, benches, planters, and trash cans come to fruition. The total project is $51,000 which breaks down to $38,000 for the materials plus a $13,000 in kind installation for the City’s department of Public Works.

It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Text FXBG100 to 44-321

2. Follow the links and prompts

3. Feel awesome!

If you prefer to write a check or have difficulty texting, reach out to us at 540-538-7445 or mail a check payable to Fredericksburg VA Main Street Inc. to PO Box 7275 Fredericksburg VA 22404

Let’s be Fredericksburg Strong and make this goal! “This grant was written before the arrival of COVID-19. With more people outside walking and biking, it’s an effective way to bring more beauty and resources to Downtown.” stated Ann Glave, executive director for Fredericksburg VA Main Street. A huge Thank You to the many people that LOVE Downtown and are making this a reality. Together we can accomplish great things for our community!