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FVMS - Resources for Property Owners in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
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Property Owner Resources

Downtown Fredericksburg would not exist without your investment in its buildings. Because of this, FVMS is invested in providing property owners with resources, opportunities and solutions that focuses on the historic preservation of our beautiful downtown while ensuring your properties are safe, usable and practical for your businesses and residents.

Facade Improvement Grants

Walk through any Main Street community and you will see refurbished facades with new paint, re-exposed store windows, repaired brickwork and new awnings for example. Fredericksburg VA Main Street, Inc. will assist facilitate design assistance for improvement projects funded by VMS and provided to commercial property owners by Frazier Associates.  Learn more about grant availability and procedure.


The preservation and enhancement of the Main Street district buildings will help to preserve the historic integrity of Fredericksburg, VA and provide a rich cultural foundation for the community and for the long term success of our organization.

City Preservation Incentives

Tax Credit Workshop

Frazier Associates Downtown Facade & Above-Ground Infrastructure Assessment Report:

Cover Page & Table of Contents

Assessment Summary

Assessment Maps