Fredericksburg Virginia Main Street, Inc. – Savor the bars and eateries, restaurants and cafes of Historic Downtown Fredericksburg.
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Bars + Eateries

Over the past few years, Fredericksburg has experienced a culinary Renaissance that’s led to a plethora of delicious restaurants, bars, eateries and cafes. You can feast on traditional French fare, sample Asian fusion, grab a latte to go, stock up on sweet treats or indulge in a classic hamburger all within walking distance! If you’re looking to unwind with a drink, there are family-friendly rooftop bars, lively sports bars, romantic cocktail lounges, relaxing outdoor patios and everything in between. There are so many other dining options that’ll satisfy any craving, fit any budget and make every family member happy. Many of our local chefs have won prestigious industry awards and been featured in national and regional publications for their talent and dedication to their craft— one was even a “chef”testant on Top Chef!

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