The Spirit of Downtown
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The Spirit of Downtown

What does it really mean to “shop small”?


Can you remember a time when your only option to purchase goods and services was to go to a small specialty shop on main street?   There were no mega grocery stores – you knew your butcher’s name and you knew the farmer who raised the meat.  The shop owners were your neighbors and friends and you trusted their expertise with every purchase.


This reality was not long ago.  In fact, it still exists every day on Main Streets across the country.


This spirit is alive and well in Downtown Fredericksburg.  There is renewed sense of vibrancy Downtown and a spirit of support for local merchants.  A realization that on-line retail is not personal and money spent on-line leaves the community.  Every dollar spent on Main Street can be traced – it is spent back in the community through employee salaries, business services, and preservation of local buildings.  Even where you eat has local flavor as restaurateurs purchase their meat and produce from local farmers.


Walking the streets of Downtown Fredericksburg is nostalgic.  People slow down, they enjoy their shopping experience because it is just that – an experience.  Shop owners have carefully curated items some of which are sourced by area artists while others are fair trade from countries around the world.  Regardless, shop owners and their staffs can tell you the importance and use of every item because each item is special.


Downtown Fredericksburg shop owners welcome every customer with a warm space filled with the smells of the holidays.  Coffee shops are brewing beans from local roasters, pastries are made fresh each morning, and the smell of soaps, candles, and spices spread onto the street.  You will undoubtedly run into Santa and see a decorated horse drawn carriage or stately trolley rolling down the street.  It feels like home.


This holiday spend some time in Downtown Fredericksburg.  Mark November 25th on your calendar and Shop Small Business Saturday.


Downtown Fredericksburg is ready for you.  Show your local merchants, service providers, and restaurateurs love on this special day and throughout the year.  Keep your money local, purchase gifts that matter, and contribute to the growing Main Street economy.


WE shop small, WE support local, WE #lovefxbg!